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I fully realize I may be alone in this sentiment. But, one thing that’s always some what bothered me about mainstream scripted porn is that it’s got to just be routine for the actors or models at this point. Like they just show up, fuck, and go home with a pay check, right? Where’s the excitement for me in that? I guess that’s why it’s so much easier for me to get off watching amateur nude girls on live cams. Something about knowing that these chicks haven’t already been ran through by every dick in porn makes them seem more real. More relatable.

It’s simpler to know that the girl I’m interacting with & watching in all her naked glory is actually real. This isn’t some character with a fake back story on a movie set. It’s a real girl, in her bedroom, giving me real moans and getting just as hot as I am from whatever we tell each other. Or sometimes I can just sit back and watch a girl go at it alone. But I know either way, there’s no photoshop or script. Just real hot passion for us both.

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There isn’t a porn site in the world like Money Talks and this gallery is irrefutable proof of that. The theme of the episode is nude amateurs playing extreme sports of a sort. It starts on a tangent with the amateur girls playing with gigantic replicas of dicks and pussies. There’s no other way to describe it so you just have to get over there and check it out. The first extreme sport is amateur nude Segway racing. The young nude girls are racing around a muddy course on Segways and it’s crazy. They also show hot nude girls racing on mini motorbikes if you have a need for speed. Finally we see the nude girls skateboarding. They go down the ramp and flip off to crash into a huge replica asshole and get chocolate sauce all over them. This is a genuinely crazy amateur picture gallery but it’s totally worth a look.

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