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Realistic full body size adult sex dolls are novelty inventions

Humans as the most creative animals in the world. Since ancient times, human beings have invented tools of production, built houses and transportation, all of which are human masterpieces. Nowadays, humans are getting more and more creative, and sex dolls are one of them.

Sex dolls are sophisticated works of art

Compared to inflatable dolls, TPE silicone sex dolls are more realistic and more beautiful. Although they are dolls, they are actually made according to the structure and appearance of the human body. In the production workshop of dolls, the dolls are produced out through several processes injection molding, forming, cooling, trimming, laminating, etc. You dare not imagine how beautiful and charming the silicone/TPE dolls produced in this way are. In addition, these dolls need to take a bath, makeup, manicure, hair fitting, their skin color, makeup and hair have high requirements, most dolls must meet the aesthetics of the public, such as muscular sex doll, tan skin sex doll, 160cm sex doll.

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All the details must be the best, and if the workers are not careful, it may lead to sex dolls “death”. In the eyes of the production workers, each doll is their emotional labor and output, they are living artificial art. Although the production process is complex, but the finished product is very good, very realistic, are beautiful premium TPE sex dolls. That’s probably why these dolls can sell for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars!

Sex dolls are emotional companions

In fact, these fantastic best deals sex dolls are not just for physical needs, they can also act as emotional companions when you are alone. Even using it as a model in your collection room may attract many admirers. With the increase in demand for sex and the imbalance in the gender ratio, the demand for sex dolls in the market is also increasing.

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