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Statistics in the US show that, on average, Americans lose their virginity at 17. The age limit differs across different states. In some countries, people lose their virginity before they turn 15. The number of virgins keeps dropping as we climb the age-sex pyramid.

Indeed everyone has their story to tell about the first time they had sex. Some stories are scary and others fascinating. Well, if you are looking forward to breaking your virginity, and you have found the right sex partner, then you have landed on the right page. Read through to find out more about losing virginity.

It is full of excitement

Losing virginity comes like a surprise. While you might plan on when to have sex for the first time, you can never be sure about the experience. A night before losing your virginity, you will be anxious, nervous, and unsure of what to expect. It is a moment you cannot wait to have. Trust me. It may feel like the first time you bought your realistic sex doll in town.

It may be strange

Having sex for the frits time can be a bit awkward, especially if you intend to break your virginity with a virgin like you. Talk of sex positions and the lack of experience. Surprisingly, your partner may lack some clues on how to wear a condom making the experience disgusting. However, the feeling can be less strange if you are having sex for the first time with someone who has been there before you.

Maybe you will not bleed

Not everyone bleeds in first-time sex experience. The reason is that some people rupture their hymen unknowingly before they lose their virginity. Activities such as riding a bicycle and engaging in sports contribute a lot to hymen rupture. Also, your hymen may not rupture the first time you have sex and remain intact until your second time.

It may hurt or not hurt

Losing your virginity may hurt if you are not appropriately lubricated. It is essential to have enough foreplay before having a penetration. Since having sex is all about pleasure, you and your partner should find the right sex positions that will reduce the pain and make sex enjoyable. You can always stop having sex whenever you feel like the pain is getting out of hand.

It brings you closer to your partner

Ideally, you should expect to be closer than before to your partner after having sex for the first. Usually, it is so challenging to forget your first love and those who break your virginity. Sharing the intimacy of losing virginity attaches you emotionally to your partner, a feeling that lives in your mind for the rest of your life.


It takes courage to have sex for the first time, just as it takes courage to buy love dolls from It comes with mixed reactions. We all have our personal experiences when we have sex for the first time. Forget about what happens in the movies. You are going to have your unique story to tell after the experience.

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